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Stendarr's Mercy Problem!! Please help?

Okay, so I am stuck on this quest.
What happened is I went to the altar and it says I should talk to Kellan again, and I try talking to him, and the 'Curse' option is no longer there.
I try all other dialogue options and nothing seems to trigger anything.

I've double-checked my quest log, and it is all green to check with Kellan, but it just doesn't work.
I also made sure I talked to everyone around, and nothing seems to work.

I have checked all FAQs and [here on Gamefaqs and on] and cannot find any additional information.

I have never had a problem like this before with any quest.

Could someone please be so kind as to give me some direction?
Even if it's some cheat that I can use to get around a potential glitch or whatnot..

Thank you.


Gaflargle answered:

Try using the "lay hands" power you have just unlocked at the alter, it's what you're meant to do.
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TheOblivionFrea answered:

Use the Lay Hands power to heal him that you are taught from the Priest/Priestess.
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