Question from Megabyte770

Arrows shot into enemies don't show up on the body?

Shot arrows don't show up on the bodies of fallen enemies. They may be in their inventories and such, but the arrows aren't shown where they hit on the bodies. How can I correct this?


The-Techspert answered:

From my experience, only a percentage of the arrows that you shoot at an enemy will show up on their corpse. Usually the more arrows you shoot, the less likely you are to get most of them back. I dont think it's a bug or anything, more likely it's to keep you involved with the in game economy; would you ever buy more than 10 or 20 arrows if you automatically got them all back? Besides, whens the last game that gave you unlimited ammo?
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Cheat_Guru77 answered:

Well usually u have to hit them in certain places to make them show
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