Question from Huntman470

Do cheats work in Steam?

I've tried entering the codes, but I can't seem to get them to work.


starhawk55 answered:

What OS are you on?

I am on Windows 7 and it does not come up for me, and the only thing I can find is this:

As I watch TV on my PC, there is no way I want to unplug my remote senor and every time I want to play this game. So does anybody else have an idea?
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starhawk55 answered:

A user named GZA posted this on the Steam form and it works for me:

I have heard others say the console won't open for them too on other message boards. There is a script you can run with Oblivion Script Extender to get it to work though. Just download the following:

Download 'Ring of Console' here

Oblivion Script Extender download:

Then just equip the ring and it should open.

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