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Ive got Battlehorn castle, and all other plugins, but i get all the notes except from Battlehorn castle?

Hi guys,

Ive got every plugin for oblivion installed on my pc, everyone works except battlehorn castle. If i look it up i do have my DLCBattlehorncastle.dsa file and the DLCBattlehorncastle.esp file. There placed in the Data map just like all the others dsa and esp files.

How is it that i dont get the note? also when i travel to the spot it should be i dont see a castle anywere, and i dont think u can actually overlook a complete castle that easy.

Need help with this, thanks all


LeD_Zepllin answered:

Im having trouble with mods too. You didnt install them correctly. Look at my question in "Open Questions" called "Mods?" This should help.
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