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3 Questions??

I have three questions total.

1:Will this game run good on a windows XP?I'm no computer expert,so the only thing i can tell u about my computer is that it is a Xp.Will it be slow at all??

2:Is there any diffrence between the XBox version of this game and the PC version of this game?

3:Is the internet required to download this game?

theend613 provided additional details:

Thank you for the information.:D

Accepted Answer

plucky027 answered:

1) The game running well on your machine depends on your hardware, your operating system will make little difference in this case.

2) PC Version has a much better UI due to keyboard + mouse control. Bugs are less of a headache to deal with via accessing the console, only available on the PC version. Also, only the PC version can take advantage of the thousands of user-created mods available.

3) No.
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