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Why does it keep crashing?

I just bought oblivion, and I created a new character. I went through the tutorial, stoaked to start the game, and as I am exiting the sewer, the game crashes. Every time. I was not lagging through the tutorial, I uninstalled the game then reinstalled it. I put the lowest settings, but it STILL happens. I have intel core 2 duo. 4 gigs ram, I have beyond recommended settings, I am running vista and tried to use the compatibility thing. anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix?

Galahaut asked for clarification:

What is your video card?

TheRevolution1 asked for clarification:

you didnt try installing any mods or any of that right?

Also like Galahaut said we need to know your video card.


Echosides answered:

I believe it has something to do with an Oblivion/Vista incompatibility issue. Bethesda Softworks doesnt officially support using Oblivion on Vista. Here are some things various people have found to help avoid CTDs in Oblivion:

1. Run as Administrator.
2. Install Oblivion in C:\ instead of C:\Program Files. This will prevent the Vista security "feature" from mucking with the game.
3. Have as few as possible background applications running.

As of right now there is no sure fire fix for problems with Oblivion on Windows Vista.

Here's a link to Bethesda Softworks Unofficial Technical FAQ for reference:
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Frafjord answered:

I had the same problem too. All I did was to change the resolution of the game. Still, my game started to lag a little bit after the tutorial. But now I think I got the answer! :D

What I did was to change the resolution on my computer into a higher "level", and now my game runs perfectly! ;)

BUT I do not have Vista...I have XP
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pur3_slaughter answered:

I have vista too, i have also been having similar problems......... i found that if you set the video settings to "ultra high" wiht 4x anti aliasing it runs better....not perfect ....theres still lag...but it works smoother.
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Matty5015 answered:

Maybe the Disk?
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fluffylittlekit answered:

i have this happen occasionally when vista tries to shut down the game or I shut it down and vista says that it closed because of an error. Just go back to a previous save. If you don't have an older save file, you might have to start over :( That's why you should save often.
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EternalAsker234 answered:

Its too heavy for your computer.
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