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What skills do I need to make a good archer?

Hey I am new to this game and I simply want to know how to create a good archer. I would like my archer to pack a great punch with a bow, but i'm not interested in a pure, so maybe advice on a good dagger/sword I can use? Also advice on where/how to get a good bow would be nice. Thank you, Alex


Emhilradim answered:

The game has a built-in archer class, which is a good basis for what you should go by. Typical archers of lore were skilled with the blade because you can't always have the luxury of being able to pick off targets from a distance. Just a warning to you, however, is that marksmanship is a difficult way to play through the game, many monsters take many arrows to kill. So I might suggest you start whoring out the sneak skill.

If you're on the PC you could also download the mod at TES Nexus called "speed and damage arrow mod" which basically makes archery do an appreciable amount of damage instead of being the least useful fighting type.
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skyrimpoppet answered:

Acrobatics archery stealth
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