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Vampire or Human?

What is the best way to be? a vampire or a Human?
what r the benefits of being a vampire from dthe Nightmother clan?


plucky027 answered:

Personal preference. Early in the game the stat bonuses are helpful, at high level the bonues make too little of a difference to be worth the penalties. But role-play your character however you wish, as it's the point of the game.

There are no vampire clans in Oblivion, that was Morrowind only. The Night Mother is merely the spirit leader of the Dark Brotherhood assassins.
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samadamading answered:

My friend plucky here was correct except for the clans. There are vampire clans in oblivion, they just take a much smaller role in oblivion. If you want to learn more about the clans, keep an eye out for a book called eternal blood (or something like that). You can find it beside a bed in an ayleid ruin right outside the imperial sewers exit you took in the introduction. To find a lot more info about vapirism, look for the "VampirismFAQ" located in a large list of FAQs at the bottom of the oblivion hints and cheats page.
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