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Will Oblivion work on my computer?

Will Oblivion run fairly well on my pc? I got intel c2d 2.93 ghz, 3gb RAM, win 7, ant ati hd 3450 256mb.
Could i run it with the following settings?
Textures: Large
Distand Land: On
Distant Buildings: On
Distant Trees: Off
Tree Distance: 50%
Grass Distance: 45%
No shadows whatsoever
Water: Normal
Reflections: On
AA: Off
Hdr: Off
Bloom: On
Specular: Lowest
View distance: 70%
Object, Weapon, and Character fade: 50%
Blood: Medium
Everything else lowest


plucky027 answered:

Most likely.

I'd max the view distance even if you had to sacrifice something else. The world is massive and being able to see all the way to the horizon is the single most immersive option.
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