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Staff of Shock?

I have a guy who got a Mage's Staff of Shock from the Mage's guild quest, and it could kill a guard in one strike. But then I made a new guy who got the exact same staff... But it takes about 4 strikes to kill a guard. Is this a glitch or something? Or am I wearing something that is making the staff weaker? I usually wear a full suit of mithril armor, all enchanted, and some enchanted rings and an enchanted amulet.


plucky027 answered:

None of the mage's staves should be able to 1 shot a guard, they cap at 80 dmg. You'd need to stack multiple vulnerability spells first. Given weaving multiple vulnerabilities first you could theoretically then use a dmg spell that did only 1 point base and it would cause 10,000+.

Though, the quest reward staff is "leveled" meaning it gets better the higher level you are with the best one at level 15... could be part of the issue.
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