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Why do enemies hit right through me?

as stated in the titel, enemies can hit right through me. I am very, very sure I don't have God mode on, and if i type tgm it says god mode ENABLED. I have a lot of mods, one of them is Unneccesary Violence. I also have Midas Magic and Curse of Hircine: Werewolves. I discovered it when I tried to get Infected by a werewolf. (Curse of Hircine: Werewolves, It is available for download at tesnexus) I am not sure if it is Curse of Hircine that causes this, because it is possible I couldn't be hit before.

If someone knows what causes this, thanks in advance


plucky027 answered:

Give it a 99.99% probability that the issue is your mods, disable them then run the game for troubleshooting.
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