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Leveling confusion...?

I have not been playing for very long so please forgive me if some of these questions might be answered after playing for a while...

What is the difference between leveling up skills and increasing your characters overall level? Meaning, is a skills effectiveness based upon the skill level or the characters overall level? Or both?

If skills increase on their own with their repeated use, what is increased with each character level increase?

Occasionally I get a message that I need to rest and reflect on what I've learned, I think this happens after a handfull of skill level-ups on a particular skill... what am I cheating myself out of by NOT resting after getting this message? I look at my skill level and it HAS increased... what's going to change after I find someplace to rest?

Are your skills capped at some number according to your characters level or could you conceivably max out a skill (like restoration, for example - by chain casting simple healing spells) while never advancing beyond level 1?


kamakazipie answered:

Skills affect certain things. Your acrobatics will make you jump higher as it goes up. Your overall level doesnt do much except make enemies harder, and better items appear (as the game is leveled)

Your main stats (Strength, Luck, Etc.) go up when you actually level up.

When it says to rest, that means you have hit 10 skill level ups on major/minor skills and you level up when you sleep somewhere.

Your skills cap at 100. You could have 100 of every skill without actually leveling up.

Hope that all helped!
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Bowhunter2525 answered:

Game level determines the type and quality of enemies and loot. It does not affect you other than recalculating your health equation.

Skill level determines effectiveness/efficiency of the skill, and skill perks.

Attribute level modifies health, magic, magic regeneration rate, how much people like you, the amount of physical damage done by your melee weapons and bows, and your running speed, and jumping ability.
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