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Fathis Aren?

I need help trying to complete the level by finding a key or the Wizard himself.
I have found the secret passage?
but can not go no further has have no key.
please help?


waschbaerjohann answered:

The key is located in a chest next to the wizard, who hides on the 3rd floor of his own ruined fort.
Its on the outside.
Did you find the underwater passage yet? If not, starting from the moveable column, hug the left wall until you come to a flooded passage that lets you swim down. Do so. On the left wall, there should be a entrance to a flooded tunnel or passage. Note that if you "meet" with the big slaughterfish there, youre down too far. Also note if you approached from Niben Bays secret trap door, you will instantly be in this area and only need to swim up while looking for the passage. Once you get there, it should be no problem finding the way. The locked doors on your way need no keys to open as far as i recall it.
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