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"This door leads nowhere"; what?

I'm trying to explore different gates, without closing them as I go, since I want to try and find a specific world. Recently I came to one near Dagny's Camp (may require Orrery DLC) and when I tried to open it I got a message; This door leads nowhere.

It didn't appear in the upper left like other notices, instead in the middle, below my cursor. Is this some kind of glitch or error? Or have I found something way out there?

Attelocin provided additional details:

Just ran into another gate, south of Clavicus Vile's shrine, directly west of the flare from the last lowercase "d" in the Gold Road. What the hell is going on?

Accepted Answer

Attelocin answered:

It turns out it was some kind of odd glitch with the game. A guard came to arrest me when I entered a gate, and being forcibly removed from the Oblivion world messed it up entirely. I couldn't even take the Sigil Stone.
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