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What are the Elder Scrolls?

The new Elder Scrolls game is coming out in a few days and i have hardly beat Oblivion yet. dont be surprised. i've only been playing for a few months. Oblivion is the first of the ES series that i have played. anyway i just recently finished the final thieves guild mission, so i was able to catch a glimpse at one of the Elder Scrolls, and it was like trying to read a math book :). so i was just wondering, what are they exactly? I just want to know where they come from, what they represent, why they're so important, stuff ike that. it just seems like an interesting topic and i would like to know more about the namesake of the game before i get too involved in the new one. any info will be appreciated.


cardshark1 answered:

UESP has all the info you'll ever need about the TES universe. Have fun.
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