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Asked: 6 years ago

Where do I buy houses?

I was just wondering who to buy the different houses that are for sale from?

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From: LoneGunmanO23 6 years ago

In the Imperial City, you have to talk to the person at the Office of Imperial Commerce or something like that during business hours. Anywhere else, you have to talk to the Count or Countess in the castle, get them to like you, and then bring up the subject of buying a house in town. The DLC residences should spawn a letter or deed in your inventory when you fire up your save after downloading.

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Home Purchased From

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In skingrad there is an orc around sometimes in the street or in the courtyard of that castle (skingrad) and the gastle you can get from him is the best I tend to only buy that one and use the guilds the rest of the time.

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The quest Where Spirits have Lease, you buy the house for 5,000 then do the and finish the quest. The quest is in Anvil.

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