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Why does the game keep crashing when I try to start it?

I've got the a brand new Dell Inspiron 530 using windows vista with a very new video card. I also have a new sound system hooked up also. When I insert the cd-rom a menu comes up and I pick play, then the screen goes black and my cursor disappears then it says "searching for problem". If you need additional info or even a video of the problem then email me at

500Zelda05 asked for clarification:

What video card are you running? Do you mean new as in it just came out or new as in you just bought it?

Madfoot713 asked for clarification:

Oh jeez, I went through hell trying to install Oblivion. It could be your video card, the copy protection on the disc, the computability issue that Sirens mentioned, driver issues, etc.. Honestly, your best bet is to but an XP OEM and dual boot.

Keyeszx asked for clarification:

We need your specs. Also if you downloaded any mods try without it. Try reinstalling. Turn off aero and other background programs that aren't needed.


Galahaut answered:

According to what I can find, that PC barely meets the minimum requirements for Oblivion, if at all.

It might be helpful if you provided more details about the "very new video card," though, as well as a full list of your important specs (processor type/speed, etc.).
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MiSTeR_BiG_09 answered:

Oblivion is one game that is known to have several compatibility issues with Windows Vista. I'd recommend doing a google search for possible solutions. I'm sure you're not the only one who has had this happen to them.
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greatmagnus answered:

I looked up the spec's for your Dell and I came up with a 128MB card. While Oblivion CAN run on those settings on a few cards, it is much, much happier with a 256.
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fright answered:

Make sure you have uptodate drivers for your video card.
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SimuLord answered:

Oblivion can run on a 128MB card, but not if you're using Vista. Vista itself takes up that much video memory. Either upgrade your video card to a 7900 GS or higher, get a better processor (Dell's 530 uses a Socket 775 Intel motherboard so it should be able to handle most processors extant in 2006-07 when that computer came out), or switch from Vista to XP (XP doesn't use much video memory at all).
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Mute_Sirens answered:

you can try two things

1) right click the oblivion icon that starts your game, go to properties and then Compatibility tab and check the box to run as Windows XP (Service Pack2)

2)if that didn't work (didn't for me) then download this free program which will downgrade the game to run on the weakest computer specs
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Harie0 answered:

Oblivion isn't on a CD.
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Itachi62 answered:

Indeed. Oblivion is a DVD.
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f1reis0blivious answered:

Do you use mods?
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TheFoilFedora answered:

If you have used unofficial mods , then unistaled and reinstalled, it could be your Oblivion.ini file. I know that the mods that affect the user interface (menus, inventory, ect...) can change this. If you have used these types of mods, try unistaling, deleting this file, and then reinstaling. The file is located at users/*your profile name*/Documents/My Games/Oblivion. You can actualy delete everything in this folder for good measure.
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EternalAsker234 answered:

Maybe because you have a old VGA card.
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