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A cheat for sneak?

Is there a cheat code that makes you unspotable, I want to do the theves guild quest but i hate sneaking and i can't find a code or spell to make is idiot proof easy!!!

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How do you get 100% charmelon as a level 1-16?

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I'm in the dark brotherhood on one of my games but the other im trying to ba as inoccent as possible exept for theves guild so im kinda stuffing every thing up.

Im looking more for consl. comands ya know a line of code and im unseeable.

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WhereAreCookies did you mean to give me the code for 4 sig. stones that give the ablity of silence and 30% charmelon? or did i type the code wrong

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I kno this might be impossible but is there a fool proof snek method that even if you bang into someone the don't notice

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Sounds perfict slade i just wan't to try it before i choose it as the answer, i will need to get 100 illu. first but i live my life in god mode because i carry too much stuff all the time


xud9dab2 answered:

Get 100 sneak and 100% chameleon, that will make the entire game 'idiot proof'

player.setAV sneak 100

Simply enchant some armor/clothing
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grant_123 answered:

If you are in the dark brotherhood in the cheydinhal sanctuary one of the members sells spells that make you invisible but only for 30seconds at a time and i do beleive one of them also sells you otions to make you invisible for a short time as well. To get into the darkbrotherhood simply kill an innocent and sleep at any inn.
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WhereAreCookies answered:

player.additem 00042094 4

Your message contains no capital letters. Please type in normal case. >.>
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topsemag55 answered:

Say your Sneak is at "15" and you want to make it "100". Type this into the Console: modpcs sneak 85

That will add 85 to your 15 to equal 100 - master sneak.
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Slade8 answered:

If you want a spell for 100% chameleon:
player.additem f 100000000 (or any high number, to compensate for the cost of making the spell)
showspellmaking (Give the spell Chameleon, on self, 120 seconds, magnitude 100)
tgm (God mode, lets you cast any spell regardless of Magicka cost)
Then just cast away. I murdered every guard in the game and got away with it using this spell. :3
It will require insane Magicka to cast, though, and level 100 in Illusion magic. And if God mode isn't your thing, this isn't for you. :\
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mecha5 answered:

Another thing to do is to find five pieces of armor and five grand soul gems full, and then enchant each piece with 20% chameleon, which adds to 100% chameleon. With this, you never have to cast spells and you can get away with any crime.
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stezie answered:

There is a console code that toggles all AI detection: "Tdetect" (without quotation marks of course). It disables the detection AI of all NPCs and creatures so it has the exact effect as 100% Chameleon.
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awesomezerz answered:

Mecha's got a point, but you need a good bit of illusion and a chameleon spell you can cast first, so do that.
A lot of the other people's crap works, but is stupid cheating. If you wanna be that powerful, then just get like infinite health and attack.
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