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Are there any pets or anything that you can get that help you fight or something?

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glymfeather answered:

There's a few. Depending on what expansions/DLC mods you have.

1) If you have Frostcrag Spire, there's the Atronach Altar on the main floor. Take 3 elemental salts of whatever kind of atronach you want, (ie, 3 Fire Salts for a Fire Atronach, etc.) and activate the altar, and a commandable companion/familiar/pet appears on the floor below. It follows simple orders, and can be dismissed when you're done with it.

2) If you have Shivering Isles, you can get Ushnar's Skinned Hound. It doesn't do a whole lot, sadly. There's a mod to make it a bit more commandable, but I've never tried it. I'm sure you could pick it up at PlanetElderScrolls or TESNexus.

3) If you buy a horse, at any stable outside any city, they'll try to help in combat, but in my experience, they die too quickly to be of any real use with that. You might consider using Shadowmere (high-level Dark Brotherhood reward) as a sort of combat pet, but that's the only horse I've found is tough enough to hold its own in combat.

4) Summoning (Conjuration Skill) works for very temporary pets. Most last less than 60 seconds.

5) If you're head of the Mages Guild or the Dark Brotherhood, you can pick up low-ranking members (Apprentices or Murderers) to take along with you. They also follow simple orders, and are I believe respawning, but don't quote me on that. I probably shouldn't class NPCs as "pets," but what the hey.

6) If you have Battlehorn Castle, most (all?) of the men-at-arms in there will follow you around and take orders.

7) If you're willing to fool around with delaying quests, it is possible to keep quest-related followers on a long-term basis. If you're on an escort quest, you can just... not go to where you're supposed to. Pretty easy. The NPCs following you will never wise up to what you're doing, and will follow you as long as they don't die or get too close to where they're supposed to be going. The most popular set of quest NPCs to do this with is Brother Martin and Jauffre from the Main Quest. Some people will just keep these two essential (godmode) characters for a while, instead of immediately taking them to Cloud Ruler Temple, early in the Main Quest. Obviously, this only works if you've got an escort mission that you haven't finished already.

And, finally, if you're on a PC, you can get a whole host of mods with pets or companions. I'd recommend checking the big modding sites, like Planet Elder Scrolls and TESNexus, and maybe the official forums to find good mods.

That's all the "pets" I can think of off the top of my head. I'm pretty sure I got them all, but I might have missed a few. Try looking around at the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages Wiki (UESP Wiki) for more.
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Toxin52 answered:

No, the closest thing to that is summoning a creature
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faqwriter2 answered:

Yes if you get the paradise arena mod.
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grant_123 answered:

Humans can be pets to like the mages and dark brotherhood murderers that follow you =)
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rapster143 answered:

Or get the Chedenhall pet shop mod
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JC_Phoenix answered:

Cheydinhal pet shop is buggy

Get insanity's pet shop mod instead.
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