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Partial save file transfer possible?

Hi, So I was wondering if I could copy only a bit of my Xbox 360 save file to my PC. By a bit, I mean how my character looks. On my 360, I spent half on hour to get my guy super-sexy, while on the pc I look flat out wierd. So, anyway, can I? Also, will doing his get me banned from Xbox Live. Thanks.


plucky027 answered:

Save files are incompatible across platforms, so no you can't directly copy anything.

If you were going the other direction with the transfer (pc to 360 I mean) you could use the console command showracemenu to atleast copy down your slider adjustments and redo them manually. Unfortunately consoles are the lamest platform for RPGs of this genre, no customization or modding what-so-ever.

Other than that, you'd have to look for a 3rd party save file editor or manually hack the 360 file to discover your settings, which I'll provide no assistance with. If you still want to continue exploring your options I'd recommend stopping by the Elder Scrolls Nexus websites and asking in their forums. Since you've wisely switched to the PC version you may want to check out available mods while you are there. ;)

Good luck!
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