Why does the game stop working before I even reach the menu?

  1. Hi. I recently got Oblivion for PC and I wanted to do some moding. It didn't always work and I realized it was due to the fact that it was an old version. So I downloaded the patch 1.2.0416 and installed it. But when I start up the game the bethesda logo starts to appear, then the game crashes saying "Oblivion has stopped working"... thats it. Sometimes I reach the loading screen in the main menu, sometimes I don't even see the logo. I tried uninstalling Oblivion and then do the patch update before adding any mods, but the same thing happens every time. I have Windows 7, btw. Can somebody please help me?

    User Info: MegamanLv2

    MegamanLv2 - 3 years ago

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