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How do I solve The Path of Dawn?

I am stuck at the spot where I have all 4 books.It says:Green Emperor way,way to there where the tower touches midday sun.Does anyone know where I have 2 be?please help me...

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lambchopsil answered:

Travel to the Imperial City Palace. You should be near the west exit (that goes to Imperial City, Talos Plaza District). The map title should say "Imperial City, Green Emperor Way". Directly south of you (in the same area) should be graves. Go to the closest round circular one. It should highlight and say "Tomb of Prince Camarril". One side of it should have a faded out sun image along with something that looks like the continent of Australia. Wait there until it's noon (12 pm), and the thing should light up red. Then you're revealed the location of Lake Arrius Caverns
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topsemag55 answered:

Paste the below address into your browser: It will take you to a Wiki page, which has a "Quick Walkthrough" section.
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deatheven2 answered:

Just make ur quest the active quest it will show u the way.
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rapster143 answered:

Or use the compas
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