Question from grankle

Where is Reman Broder?

Im trying to improve my Markmanship training and am at the level to get his help but cant find him anywhere! Ive been to his house at different times of day/night and to the vineyards where he works bbut he doesnt appear. Can someone tell me where he might be?


MFBoom answered:

I just unlocked his door in the middle of the night & broke in. He was right at the door & welcomed me in as his "Shadow Brother" or something & said some stuff about the Thieves Guild when I talked to him. Maybe it was because I was in the Thieves Guild at the time.
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Bowhunter2525 answered:

The only reliable marksman trainers are Pinarus Inventius and the master trainer at Troll Candle camp. If you are in the mages guild, I suggest making a drain marksman skill 100pts for 1 second to save money.
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