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System Requirements and should I purchase this game?

I was considering purchasing The Elder Scrolls 4: GOTY Edition, but I wanted to get some advice on how well it would run on my machine.

As the sticky where I wanted to put this info has been locked, I thought it best to ask my question here. My computer seemed to fall in between a couple of the examples, so I thought it best to make sure.

Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz (yet registers as 2.39, no overclocking)
1.5 GB RAM (DDR, 1 GB PC 3200, 512 MB PC 2700)
ATI Radeon 9600 (128 MB, AGP 4X, Shader 2.0, 324 Core Clock MHz, 196 Memory Clock MHz, no overclocking)

Will my computer run TES4 effectively? I already know it WILL run, but how well?

Final example: My computer can run Gothic 3 (on Gametap, I don't own it) at 800x600 with a basic glow effect but little other bells and whistles, and it runs decently with only a little chugging in the framerate. Given my system setup and a comparison between the two game's requirements, will TES4 run better than this, or worse?


wildekarrde answered:

Yes, your computer will be able to run it, but I wouldn't push it to hard. I actually had the same video card as you when i first bought Oblivion and after about 50 hours of gameplay, I fried the card and have not gone back to any ATI products since then. This was, of course, on a completely different system I had rigged form old parts and it had "problems" at best.

I would highly recommend this game, its still the most epic RPG on the market, but be careful with your system.
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Thunukalathi answered:

I would buy it but plan on buying an NVIDIA GEforce 6800 or better graphics card as it says on the box. I have an NVIDIA GEforce 9800 GT and i run oblivion at the ultra high settings just fine.
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iamwhoiamorami answered:

That would run it on low settings with good performance. I had a very similar computer when I first got Oblivion. Worth it if it's all you have but I would recommend something more powerful.
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