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Black Eyes?

I downloaded a mod, then i uninstalled all my mods and then uninstall oblivion, after it stiiles had black eyes, HELP

CheatingKitten provided additional details:

Before, I could play Oblivion all the time, then right after a installed a mod, the eyes went black, and some are see through. I have a NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT Video Card.HELP


SDW640 answered:

If I'm thinking of what your thinking of, then its the graphics card on the computer. Either turn down the quality or buy a new graphics card(Highly expensive, though).
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BadProfessional answered:

That is a driver isue that can crop up. Reinstall DirectX and the drivers for your graphics card.
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RW_Bear answered:

The eyes are black or empty because you're missing a texture/mesh file. Try installing a mod like Complete Style collection that replaces all eye textures and that could fix it for you.
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