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How can you escape a huge bounty?

My friend has a character that has a bounty so high that he can never pay it back. He can easily take out everyone that he encounters, but it gets annoying to have the guards always on his tail and prevents him from ever joining the fighters/mages guild. What do you suggest should be done to solve this predicament?

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topsemag55 answered:

If you're on the PC, enter this into the Console (without quotes):

"setcrimegold 0" [Enter]
"setpcinfamy 0" [Enter]
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grant_123 answered:

Depends on how high it is you can join the theives guild if you can sneak past or kill all the gaurds find them then join and then they will offer you to pay half the fine and they can arrange something with the gaurds but other then that have fun running.
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Slade8 answered:

Go to jail, serve the sentence, duh.
It skips ahead in gametime, so there's no wait. His stats'll drop for about a week ingame, but it's only about 3 levels for security and such.
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