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Question about disecting a mod, is it gonna be ok?

Ok, I want to take apart a mod. I want to use only the .nif and .dds files and make the weapons and armors. Ok I know this possible, but will it know where to be on body? I also know I have to select area, but will it be in correct location? Thanks.

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After writing this and reading your comment (thanks by the way) made me come up with clearer question. Ok, I want make a helmet, hit new armor select area, pick .nif, pick .dss, set the rating, weight and etc. I put in game, the question is will it be on my head, like the other helmets? Why I ask this, what if there is more steps involve lining the custom helmet to be correct location on head, or doesn't matter?

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500Zelda05 answered:

It should, you should be able to select the area(s) on which the object is equipped when creating a new armor or weapon. For example, if you're taking a chest plate model and texture, then when creating the armor pick the proper location for it (which would be the torso).
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