Question from roxas99999

Increase Magicka with tilde key?

I know you can change certain attributes
of your character with the terminal-like interface
invoked by the tilde key (~)
but what is the code to change your characters
Magicka points? Is there such a thing?

Accepted Answer

ren_x3 answered:

You can but that would mean raising your intelligence or force a level up. You can increase your intelligence by using (~) and typing in player.SetAV intelligence 100 (pick the level of the attribute). Or you can also type in advlevel to force your character to level up.
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AlekPej79 answered:

Increase your intelligence, that's the only way.
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Sapphear answered:

Try to enchant some armor or make a mod if you know.
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Sapphear answered:

Sorry about that previous answer. It's not even involved with the use of the console console(the tilde key). But that may work since you are trying to cheat.
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