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Salvian Matius wont give me the key for the locked door in oblivion?

Ok, I'm doing the main quest, and I'm up to the stage where I have to talk to Salvian Matius prior to going into the Planes of Oblivion and closing the gate. Problem is, I keep talking to him, and he wont give me the key, or do anything to help progress the quest (i.e. make the quest marker move onto the next target).

Does anyone know what I have to do specifically in order to get passed this bit in the quest? It's bugging the hell out of me.

Blue_Whistle88 provided additional details:

Yea, but I went in the gate awhile ago and made it part way through, but I got to a door in one of the towers that said it needs a key to be opened, and I don't have that key. Where do I get that key from?

Accepted Answer

declives answered:

There's a dremora gaurding a caged dude at the top of a tower within the planes of oblivion, He has the key. Its possible you've killed him already, but I'm pretty shure you can check one of the FAQs for an exact location on the guy with the key.
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AlekPej79 answered:

The key to what you need is in that gate.
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