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Thieves guild glitch?

I'm on the the last thieves guild quest but the game won't give it to me. Also the independent thievery won't update to say I've got a thousand coins fenced and I've fenced over 10,000?

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Spirolli answered:

I had the same problem with my version of Elder Scroll IV. The problem probably can be fixed by going to Bethesda Softworks website and downloading patches for the game. However, I can't gaurantee that it will since some patches might not address your particular bug.

If you have downloaded all the patches and it still won't work I think you can contact, through email, someone at Bethesda and report the problem. Yet I am unsure if anyone actually still writes patches for a 3 year old game.
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awesomezerz answered:

Yeah, i ha this problem. if you killed a person and had your bounty removed, you can't do the quest. Sorry, man.
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