Question from GourryGabriev

I'm stuck at the Kvatch Castle. Npcs are stuck. How do I move on?

Basically, I used TCL ahead of time to open the gate, and then went into the gatehouse, etc. But now I have to open the gate, but it's already open. How do I proceed?

Best help is to give me the setstage #s.


EasyOstrich answered:

well, that never happened to me, but try reloading a previous save. If you dont have an earlier save, then use a console code to move you to a different area. Check the cheats section for the console code. Hope i helped =)
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Imperialmage answered:

How did you open it?

Anyway see if you can go inside the gate and close the gate. then you should come out of the gate and should be able to leave the area.
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