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Can you activate God Mode on an NPC?

I realy want to give an enemy NPC (or maybe the last guy from the Arena) god mode for the purposes of power leveling. I know this is cheating in a way but ive already beaten the game so I dont care. Can anyone help???


WolfOfTheSkies answered:

Closest way i know of is to make them essential, either by mod or console. you could also download some training dummy mods from tesnexus. i believe they have some.
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malikhithdstryr answered:

Skip the power leveling, console in modpcs (skill name) (level you want to increase by)/ for blade it would be modpcs blade 45, and your blade skill will increase by 45 points. modpca will work the same way for attributes. theres more cheats out there, has a section in cheats that is a seriously long list of console cheats. read it through, you can almost literally do anything this way.
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Cheat_Guru77 answered:

No u cant
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