Question from lionhart1226

White screen, kind of like superbloom? cant see much.

when i start the game i can see the menus just fine but when i get to the very beginning when you are in the Jail cell it's almost completely white and all i can see are the pots,bones,the window, and the stool. im sure it isnt supposed to be like that but i cant figure out the problem. ive even tried to turn bloom on or off. im running a Radeon 9200 graphics card and my rig meets the recommended requirements to run Oblivion.

Accepted Answer

Zek_99 answered:

Your graphics card is not supported by the game, try downloading the "OldOblivion" mod, it was designed for old graphics card, but i would really recommend upgrading, it will put you back around 60 dollars for average card(Australian Dollars).

I recommend the Geforce 8000 series if you dont want to spend too much money but i would not recommend getting anything lower
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