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Anyone know how the Viconia De Vir mod progresses?

I downloaded the Viconia De Vir Drow companion mod from TESNexus and im confused as to how the actual quest part works. I thought at first that you just wait 24 hours and sheel talk to you but she wont anymore. Flirting wont do anything. Please someone clarify. : )


kickme401 answered:

Try sleeping for 24 hours, worked for me when that happened.
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malikhithdstryr answered:

Just to clarify, Kickme meant to find a bed and sleep, not just wait. sometimes sleeping will fix glitches that occur with time-sensitive issues. If that advice doesn't work, de-activate the mod, open your save file, save it, exit game, and re-activate the mod. This will reset everything in the mod, however, so if your halfway through it, you'll have to start over.
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