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Why does it take forever?

Lately whenever I try to open any container, it takes 10 seconds for the contents/items to appear. It used to take only 2 seconds. This also goes for any time I defeat a character and try to loot the body. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and have also removed all mods. ideas?

mecha5 provided additional details:

I know what you mean, whenever i had too many items, the game would slow down. But i have removed everything from my inventory other than quest items...
does it matter if I have a lot of items stored in my "houses"?


FaPaThY answered:

If you have a lot of items in your inventory, that's why. It's just how they coded it. Get rid of as much of the excess items as you can. I think inside-of-the-inventory bag/sorting mods, like the Bag of Holding and the Keychain mod, can help limit the amount of items the inventory needs to display too.
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FaPaThY answered:

Stuff outside of your inventory/menu, other than stuff inside containers that you open, shouldn't affect it's speed to open and close so I don't think so. Just to make sure, when you say you removed everything, you aren't just testing by opening the container you just put all your stuff in are you? lol. Also, it's not only the number of items listed in the inventory, the quantity of each item will affect the speed too.(Ie. having a million weightless potions/alchemy ingredients, even if you only have a few types)

Other than that, do you have a lot of spells/abilities? If you do, delet the spells you don't use. That's another cause, for slow inventories.

Or did you install any new mods? Especially UI mods that make the viewable inventory bigger, etc. Or maybe there are conflicts.

That's everything I can think of.
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