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How do I solve The Thieves guild quest where you steal that statue thing than you need to track down that guy.?

Well, I am at a part in the Thievs Guild where I was told to steal a relique statue, then bring it back to the quest NPC, but when i got back it said, The legion guards are on high alert for (NPC in question) You should find out where he is hiding. ask around for him. I asked all the beggars and they wont tell me i whent to the trader in Bruma and he wont tell me i even whent into the prison where that lizard guy sits, he said he was in hiding but some othr person was looking for me, but the quest didnt update! i am very confused...

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Hisuhn answered:

Go back tot the Imperial Waterfront. Walk around there till Methedrel finds you. See will tell you what you have to do and then the quest will progress.
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