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Am I infected? (AKA. In-game hypochondria)

So, after a quest involving a rather playful vampire and the fact that i didn't kill her soon enough, I got the bleak diagnosis of Porphyric Hemophilia; I used a Cure disease spell and also prayed at Mara's altar. (Bravil, I think)

Is there a chance I'm still infected, and how can I see if I am? And if I am, how do I cure it? I don't wanna sit inside some house all day.

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marauder340 answered:

You can get rid of Vampirism using a number of ways depending on the situation.

Assuming you're not a vampire yet:

1. Pray at a shrine (those Chapels) or use an item/spell/ability that has Cure Disease.

2. Use the Font of Purification (something like that) if you have the Deepscorn Hollow Add-On.

3. Do the Cure for Vampirism quest (I got it from Vicente of the Dark Brotherhood) *

If you are one already:

1. Use the Font

2. Do the Cure... Quest

* He'll tell you to talk to Raminus Polus in the Arcane University but if you killed him (it's a DB quest), I don't know if it'll still work (I think it'll still work though)

If you wanna know if you're still infected, go to the Active Effects Tab (rightmost icon on the Spells Menu) and see if you have anything that says Drain Fatigue then mouse over it. If it says Porphyric Hemophilia then you're still infected.

Just so you know, you won't turn into a vampire even if you've been infected for 3 days as long as you don't sleep.
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Ragster128 answered:

You should be fine, you can check your stats and see if you have any disease in general which would change stat colors to red.
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Galahaut answered:

Check your Active Effects tab.
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