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How do I get to the first sealed-of area in Vahtacen?

I already have the helmet from the main quest area, but I noticed that there's one section in the main hall between Skaleel and Denel that I haven't been to. I can tell via Detect Life that there are at least two wraiths back there, and I know they have detected me -- the music changed, and I hear them making noise through the wall. The wall is on the NW side.

How do I get in?


Lilhieb10 answered:

I am also at that one, but I think you kill all the green ghosts around Vahtacen. Their name is something replica, but you help the castle guard ghosts that are blue. You could try that.
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Poseigod answered:

Once you grabbed the helmet, go to the back of the room and a bit right, unlock the door and continue.
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