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How do I buy a store?

I saw you have to be a master of mercantile. Is that how you get a store? And What is that like? do you sell things to people?

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So do you get some money from the store, or discounts on stuff, or what?

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So what do you mean littlekid 285 by guilds? Are you just talking about being the whatsitsname in the mages guild when you complete all the quests, or listener in the dark brotherhood?

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awesomezerz answered:

In the normal game, you can't "own" a store. investing gold only means that the invested store has 500 more gold, meaning you can sell it more expensive things without the price being capped at that merchant's current gold.
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crab-battle answered:

All i know is that you can invest in a store. But thats expert.
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BadProfessional answered:

At expert level you can invest 500 gold in a store to increase their available funds by 500 gold (useful for selling the highly valuable equipment that you don't want to keep).
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Littlekid285 answered:

Unlike guilds you can't own a store you may only invest in them when your mercantile lvl reaches the master lvl, srry.
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JC_Phoenix answered:

You could try this mod(You can ask your cattle to give you their property and they can also be told to resume their former lives as merchants:
Or Unholy darkness when it comes out. (likely to include a better version of the above)
There's also this list:

The closest thing to Fable's system that I'm aware of is like.... the end of Sexlivion.... though thats more like Fable's brothel side quest with an added money gain every few days.
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teomat96 answered:

you cannot BUY a store but you can invest in it at expert level giving the store 500 more septims. At master level ALL stores in the game get 1000 more septims.
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