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Money and Alchemy?

What are some of the best ways to make money. I'd also like some useful alchemic potions recipes that can be effect in-game and others that can be sold at a high price. The easier to find the ingredients the better.


BadProfessional answered:

Go to an inn, and buy up all their 2 GP food that has restore fatigue as the first effect. Then just make a bunch of potions, sell them and move on to the next inn.
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Griffinsong answered:

Alchemy is a good way to gain money since food tends to have restore fatigue as a first effect and food is readily available for free in barrels in cities [IC market district has a lot of those barrels, some have food, others misc. items], can be bought cheaply from inns and alchemy stores, and can be found in guild halls and taken freely if you join the guild. Also outside of skingrad are a vineyard and [by the north wall]a farm that have lots of food items[grapes and tomatoes] for you to harvest, for free and it's not considered stealing. They respawn as well, of course.
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Mother_Holle answered:

Constantly picking up/buying ingredients, making them into potions, and then selling them will make you a fair bit of money. Also, doing this will help to raise your Alchemy level and Merchantile level (if you sell each potion one at a time).

As for making certain potions, maybe this will help: Good luck!
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Bowhunter2525 answered:

The easiest way to make a lot of money at the start of a game is to concentrate on The Collector quest and raid ayleid ruins. It is no accident that Vilverin is right across from the sewer exit and the two ruins closest to Chorrol have a statue and a high stone count. Angalmo in the Chorrol mages guild also gives you the best price for Varla and Welkynd stones. Not only do you get 500g per statue from Umbicano, but you can sell the Varla stones for about 750g each, and the Welkynd stones for about 35g each after haggling.

If you are a thief, you can clean out the Bruma mages guild and make your 1000g requirement, or close to it, in one shot.

Alchemy is an easy way to build +5 leveling bonus points in Intelligence for extra magicka, and the potions are good to sell one at a time for increases in Merchantile points for Personaltity bonuses. Mass producing potions for cash early in the game is counter productive for those things.

There is no reason to buy alchemy ingredients for junk Restore Fatigue potions when the game puts massive amounts of free ingredients in your path.

Rundown, approx.#s:
-Tutorial = 40 rat meat
-Vilverine and Sideways cave = 40 bonemeal (plus 30-40 total wisp stalk, Cairn Bolete and misc.)
-Imperial City
Fly Amonita cap =100
Sacred Lotus seed=100
Misc. free ingredients in Market District, Waterfront, and Arena District barrels and grain sacks=50 (maybe 100 if you loot the pirate ship grain sacks.)
-Fort Nikel
Morning glory at (click high and low on the same plant) =30
-Odiil farm=100
-Forest around Chorrol (South and Northeast of town)
100 Viper Bugloss
50 St Jahn's Wort

Lettuce, radishes, etc. will get you to Apprentice level from Novice level.
These are all good for Apprentice level potions.
-Bonemeal and rat meat make Damage Fatigue "knock out" poison.
-Sacred Lotus and St. Jahn's wort make damage health poison (kills ogres easily.)
-Carrots and Viper Bugloss make Night-Eye.
-Fly Amonita and Morning Glory make Burden (mostly useless.)
-Boar's meat (buy it if you have to) plus either Green Stain Cup (Weynon Priory, the planter in front of Umbicano's, Leyawiin area et al.) or pears makes Damage Speed poison, which can be useful against the Horror of Dive Rock, ogres etc.
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