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Money and Alchemy?

What are some of the best ways to make money. I'd also like some useful alchemic potions recipes that can be effect in-game and others that can be sold at a high price. The easier to find the ingredients the better.

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Go to an inn, and buy up all their 2 GP food that has restore fatigue as the first effect. Then just make a bunch of potions, sell them and move on to the next inn.

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Alchemy is a good way to gain money since food tends to have restore fatigue as a first effect and food is readily available for free in barrels in cities [IC market district has a lot of those barrels, some have food, others misc. items], can be bought cheaply from inns and alchemy stores, and can be found in guild halls and taken freely if you join the guild. Also outside of skingrad are a vineyard and [by the north wall]a farm that have lots of food items[grapes and tomatoes] for you to harvest, for free and it's not considered stealing. They respawn as well, of course.

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Constantly picking up/buying ingredients, making them into potions, and then selling them will make you a fair bit of money. Also, doing this will help to raise your Alchemy level and Merchantile level (if you sell each potion one at a time).

As for making certain potions, maybe this will help: Good luck!

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