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Asked: 5 years ago

I can't open the command prompt (~)?

I downloaded oblivion from steam because it was way cheap and came with all the DLCs for free but it seems to prevent me from using the command prompt so I can't use cheats (ie make the game better/ more fun). Can anyone please help me out? The games great on its own but I want more.

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Some computers have issues with it. My current laptop can't open it either, and I have the actually CD's. There are mods you can use to force open it or activate the cheat you want.

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Try the ` key under the escape key. Thats how i bring up my console

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um howelljw... the is ` key is the same as the ~ key but to answer the question it will never work i have the same prob on my bros laptop buuuuuuut if you use a DIFFERENT keyboard it WILL work good luck with that.. anyways i hope that helps.

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Do you use an english keyboard???

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