Question from pavao21

Cant find Garlic???

I'v become a vampire,and now i need to find six garlic.but i cant find them it posible to buy garlic somewhere??please help.thank you


BadProfessional answered:

Check in basements and campsites for hanging clusters of garlic, and look in alchemist shops, inns, and taverns to find it for sale.
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Griffinsong answered:

There is a cluster in the unmarked bandit camp outside Vilverin [the Ayleid ruin near where you exited the sewers] , there are also a few in Volanaro's basement in Skingrad[though taking them is stealing] and in the House you can buy there [4 clusters in the basement although that is not the cheapest way to get those], All Things Alchemical[also in Skingrad] has some hanging clusters, too, plus there might be some for sale there.
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ultracat111 answered:

Search basements of houses. Often clusters of garlic are hanging from the wooden support beams.
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Littlekid285 answered:

Skingrad is your best bet for garlic (which is a little ironic considering the count in a vampire) but either way you will find clusters in every basement and they can be bought at the alchemists store ( there is also a cluster there)

hope that helps
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tormey answered:

Try go to Vilverin. In there tent there is garlic
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Cheat_Guru77 answered:

If you have rosethorn hall you can go in the basement and find some
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EternalAsker234 answered:

Try to steal it somewhere.
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Coldmoon2001 answered:

I do see a lot of goblins have theme srry not much but thats all i know
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Bowhunter2525 answered:

Buy garlic from hotels, taverns, alchemy vendors, etc. It is one of the more rare ingredients on their lists.
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