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Asked: 5 years ago

Mehrunes Razor help?

What's the "Daedric Banishing" power do, and how often does it work?

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From: Poseigod 5 years ago

The deathchance = Luck x 0.05.
Your base luck should be 50. So 50 x 0,05 = 2,5% chance of instant death. If you choose the Thief birthsign: 60 x 0,05 = 3% chance. If you maxed out luck (good for you, but not recommended): 100 x 0,05 = 5% chance.

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Daedric Banishing has a chance, based on your luck (you will likely have it activating between 4 and 6% of the time), to instantly kill anything that isn't an animal, Mehrunes Dagon, or essential.

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