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What is the best bow?

I'm looking for opinions on bows with or without enchantments.

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A daedric bow with a custom drain health for 100 pts over 1 second will easily drop all but the most powerful creatures in one shot.

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Depends. If you find a bow with shock damage and you encounter a Storm Atronach, it's not the best weapon to deal with this one. The most common, unenchanted one is, of course, the daedric bow. If we talk about damaging health, we may want to skip the soul trap enchantments, light enchantments etc.

The Bow of Harm, which is found in random loot, is a Glas Bow with damage health.
Dragon's Bow is an Elven bow with fire damage +8 in 20ft. Also found in random loot (RL).
Blizzard Bow (RL) is an Elven bow with frost damage +8 in 20 ft.
Storm bow (RL) is the shock version.
Let's remove the area effects. Then you need:
(fire) Bow of the Inferno. +20 pts = deadric bow.
(frost) Bow of Winter. Same effects.
(shock) Bow of Storms. Also same effects.
Those are the best found in random loot.

If you're over level 30, the leveled rewards you get are at their best.
Here are the bows: Shadowhunt (from the Dark Brotherhood quest "A Lonely Wanderer", and Hatred's Soul. The last one could be the best in game, together with the hatred's soul arrows. They give the best base damage in the game. Where to find it? It's in the Chorrol oblivion gate (for sure, there are multiple). For maximum damage, lvl 19 is enough. In the oblivion gate, go to Embers of Hatred, which looks like a Sigil Tower. Accessible through the Fume vaults.

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the best bow WITHOUT enchantments are the perfect amber and perfect madness bows. and enchant em' and they're even more dangerous

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