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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I cure my vampirism when Raminus Polus won't talk to me?

I met a healer in a church that recommended that I go see Raminus Polus for a cure for my vampirism. But when I got to the Arcane University and tried to speak with Polus, he keeps on getting scared and telling me to get away from him. How can I speak to him without him getting frightened away?

Accepted Answer

From: JC_Phoenix 5 years ago

If you're a vampire, he's scared because you're starved and need to feed in order to look like a human again. You could also try raising his disposition towards you to 100. At 100 disposition NPCs will talk to you even if you're a starved vampire.

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You may have a low personality. Try increasing it. Maybe something that will fortify your personality.

Illusion has spells that can charm people into liking you.
If you've completed the Main Quest, the Temple of the One shrine has a spell that will fortify luck and personality by 25.

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