Question from Silent137

Asked: 6 years ago

Why can't I enter cheat codes?

When I am in game. I hit the tilde key and nothing happens. This is not the first time I have played the game, but this is the first time this has happenened.

Additional details - 6 years ago

Nothing happens when I hit the ~ key

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Simple press the ~ putton when the menu's not up && enter ur cheat

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When you press the ~ key, nothing happens but, the game would pause, then when you type in the cheats, the words would come in at the bottem left corner

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If you have windows XP like me, the computer should come with some infer red thing. I had the same problem. Simply unplug the infer red thing, and the cheats should work.

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if your running vista u will need to uninstall a program. go to device manager, human interface devices, go to ENE CIR receiver (should be the second on down), right click and go to uninstall. DO NOT CLICK THE DELETE DEVICE SOFTWARE. click ok and your good to go. the program will reinstall itself so u wont loss it. u will have to do it every time u start your computer up.

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Not cheats Constle commands

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Try using the ` key under the escape key. Thats what i have to do

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i have the same problem but i saw someone wrote unplug the infer red thing? i have XP and i hope to get it to work can someone clarify?

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