Question from fawcett8634

Asked: 5 years ago

How do i erase weapons ive dropped they make my game slow?

I have put in some cheats to get a copy person of me. And i kill him to take the stuff he has. I drop some weapons i realy dont want. How do i erase them from the place they are. I have alot of dead bodies laying around and i cant get ridd of them wat do i do?

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From: TheFoilFedora 5 years ago

For the weapons, just sell them. If you dont have enought weight space, turn on god mode . For the bodies, this might not work but try going in the comsole (~ key again), clicking on them, and typing DELETEFULLACTORCOPY. Hopefuly that will do it.

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Click the bodies in the console and type 'disable'

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Im sure that the game runs on a respawn timer. so, the bodies should disapear after about 3 in-game days.

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