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Asked: 3 years ago

Nehrim Endurance attribute set to zero penalty?

Help someone playing Nehrim mod for Oblivion. Somehow, somewhere, I picked up a penalty that set my Endurance attribute to zero. This is on the player info page that lists strength, intelligence, wisdom, etc. My Endurance is supposed to be 93 (Level 26 normann warrior) but right next to that stat is a red -93 that renders my endurance to zero. I've taken potions for both cure disease and cure poison to no effect. I've visited the bathhouse in Erothin and took a bath, no effect. WTF? If noone knows how to fix this in game, is there a console command that erases penalties like this to attributes? Really don't want to start all over again. Any help--greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Additional details - 3 years ago

Update to question above: had to reload an earlier save on level 25, sucks have to do several dungeon crawls all over again. Then suddenly, I notice I now have a -20 endurance penalty. AHHHH! What's going on? Is this a bug? Been searching all the keywords "nehrim" "endurance" "penalty" etc. on google, nothing showing up. Anyone else have this problem? Please help. Thanks!

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Make a number of potions with the Restore Endurance effect. Use a combination of Crab Meat and Tiger Lily Nectar. Drink until endurance is restored! :)

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