Question from Blue_Whistle88

Asked: 5 years ago

Can you run other mods on top of nvidia black screen fix?

I am currently running the nvidia black screen fix mod, as I was having problems with certain areas indoors giving me a blank screen. I also want to get the mod that gives you a much simpler quest for getting rid of vampireism, but I have heard somewhere that running too many mods on top of the black screen fix can break it.

I was just wondering if anyone knew whether or not I could run the vampire cure mod along with the black screen fix and have both still working properly? Thanks.

Accepted Answer

From: topsemag55 5 years ago

The solution is the Load Order of your mods: the lower a Mod is in the Order, the more precedence it has. Place the nVidia Black Screen Mod after all Mods that you know changes Interior Cells (caves, dungeons, etc.).

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Yup, pretty sure you can run more than 1 mods together. You can even set which their load order using OBMM (oblivion mod manager) and other similar tools.

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