Question from The_Nuclear

Asked: 5 years ago

What do you think?

I'm very confused now. I must choose between elder scroll 4 or sacred 2. Cause i can only purchase 1 game now, i got no money to purchase both of it. Which one should i buy?

Accepted Answer

From: chrille994 5 years ago

well i have played both games and in my opinion i would bet on oblivion since it has an story and sacred 2 doesent and it has a feel of being poor game quality and it feels much too like diablo II wich ***** but i dont know your style. And with oblivion if u think u have done evrything in the game there is thousands of mods to download from sites like "" without quotes and "" without quotes. And after that there is 2 massive expansions with 1 new main quest in each and hundreds of subquests. but its your chocie

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